Supergrow 1L

Supergrow 1L

Product Description

Supergrow is a vitamin and mineral trace element drench for cattle and sheep. It is used to boost performance in cattle and sheep. It also helps to increase thrive in lambs and calves. It can be administered orally with a drenching gun or can be added to feed on an individual basis. Cattle and calves should be dosed at least every six months. Sheep should be doses once, repeated in one month and then at 6-month intervals. Under performing animals may be dosed at 4-week intervals. 

Dosage Rate: 

  • Calves 1 - 12 weeks = 20ml
  • Calves 3 - 6 months = 30ml
  • Calves 6 months up = 45ml
  • Adult Cattle              = 60ml
  • Lambs 1 - 12 weeks = 5ml
  • Lambs 3 - 6 months = 10ml
  • Adult Sheep             = 20ml

Shake well before use. ​Always read product label & instructions before use.

*** This product can only be shipped within ROI ***


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