Stockholm Tar Spray

Stockholm Tar Spray

Product Description

Coyle’s Stockholm Tar Spray is an antibacterial tar that provides an effective protection against biting insects such as horseflies, stable flies, black flies and most other insects. It can be applied post dehorning to cuts and cracked hooves. The aerosol can contain’s a ball bearing which helps to keep the tar within the aerosol mixed giving it a uniform concentration of product. Always shake before use. By using an aerosol can it makes it easier to get a fine mist cover over the area affected without  having to get too close to the animal. If handled correctly and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions the product will not clog as it comes with a nozzle. Avoid spraying into the wound as this can cause residues so it is best sprayed around the wound to avoid this.

  • Aerosol form for easy application and even coverage from a distance
  • Ball bearing inside the can to ensure the tar is mixed and sprays evenly
  • Fine nozzle to prevents clogging
  • Makes a thick layer over an open wound allowing it to heal quicker

** Always wear protective clothing and gloves when you are using this product. Store in a cool dry place and replace the cap on the tin after opening. Keep out of reach and site of children. **

*** This product can only be shipped within ROI ***

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