Clik Extra 2.2L

Clik Extra 2.2L

Product Description

Clik Extra Pour On is used for the prevention of blowfly strike on sheep. Clik is administered once, before or at the beginning of predicted fly activity. Clik will protect against blowfly strike caused by flies for 19 weeks. In individual cases, a strike may occur earlier; therefore, it is good practice to check animals regularly for blowfly strike. Do not shear sheep in the 3 months after treatment. For maximum protection Clik should be applied as a fan spray along the spine of an animal using a Clik pour on gun.

Active Ingredient: Dicyclanil 65mg

Target Species:  Sheep

Treats & Controls: For prevention of blowfly strike.

Method of Administration:  As a fan spray along the spine and in an arc around the crutch and the tail of the animal using a Clik pour on gun

Dosage:  10-20kg = 20ml / 21-30kg = 24ml / 31-50kg = 30ml >50kg = 36ml 

Withdrawal Period: Meat and offal: 40 days.  Not permitted for use in lactating animals producing milk for human consumption.

** Not suitable for use in animals producing milk for human consumption. ** Withdrawal periods may be subject to change. ​Always read product label & instructions before use. For more information click on the link below.

*** This product can only be shipped within ROI ***


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