Bol Animax Copper Ewe Coprac

Bol Animax Copper Ewe Coprac

Product Description

Animax Copasure 4g is an oral bolus supplement to maintain normal copper levels in sheep and calves. It is a product that supplies copper oxide in a hard gelatine capsule. They have been designed to prevent and treat copper deficiency in sheep that have a bodyweight of 40kg and over. Copasure 4g are also suitable for calves. A single copasure bolus will last for approximately 6 months. 

*** These are sold per box of 100. Please enter 100 in the quantity box. ***

Benefits of Copasure 4g:

  • Long Lasting
  • 6-month supply of copper
  • Treats copper deficiency in ewes and calves
  • Hard capsule
  • Each capsule contains 3.4g of copper.

100 bolus per pack.

**Always read product label & instructions before use**

*** This product can only be shipped within ROI ***

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