Bol Animax Allsure Sheep&Lamb EACH

Bol Animax Allsure Sheep&Lamb EACH

Product Description

Animax allsure sheep and lamb boluses are used in sheep when trace element supplementation is needed. These boluses do not include copper so they are suitable for copper sensitive breeds. They are a complimentary mineral feed for sheep and lambs. These boluses contain Cobalt, Iodine and Selenium, these trace elements are released slowly using a leeching system that will slowly release the minerals over a six-month period. Allsure Sheep and Lamb boluses are ideal for supplementing sheep when copper is not required or for copper sensitive breeds. These boluses can improve your flock’s health, performance, vitality and reduce your concentrate use. 

*** These are sold per box of 100. Please enter 100 in the quantity box. ***

Application guidelines:  Sheep and lambs weighing over 20kg: 1 bolus

Pack size: 100 boluses   

Trace element content: Cobalt 185mg, Iodine 660mg, Selenium 100mg


**Always read product label & instructions before use. *

*** This product can only be shipped within ROI ***

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