Bol All-Guard 4 in 1 Ewe 100s

Bol All-Guard 4 in 1 Ewe 100s

Product Description

The All Guard 4 in 1 bolus from Mayo Healthcare is a multi-trace element bolus for ewes and rams. It has a slow release which lasts up to 6 months and gives a regular supply of cobalt, iodine, selenium and zinc to the animal. It delivers the essential trace elements which are needed for the main phases of breeding, lambing, growth and thrive in ewes and rams.


  • Long Acting and Highly Concentrated
  • Containing Cobalt, Iodine, Copper, Selenium & Zinc
  • High Iodine
  • Slow Release
  • 1 small bolus for easy administration.

Trace Element per bolus:

  • Iodine      = 750mg
  • Selenium = 100mg
  • Cobalt      = 350mg
  • Zinc          = 400mg

Dosage:  1 bolus for ewes consuming more than 2kg of dry matter per day.

100 Bolus per pack.

**Always read product label & instructions before use**

*** This product can only be shipped within ROI ***


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